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Windows 7/8/10

HexChat 2.12.3 ( x86 / x64 )

Extra components

Note that the installer downloads these automatically and only portable-mode users must manually get these. Also ensure that any Python/Perl installations are installed for all users and added to PATH (this may require rebooting).

Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable ( x86 / x64 )

Dictionaries for spell checking (only needed on Windows 7) ( r2 )

Python 2.7.12 for scripts ( x86 / x64 )

Python 3.5.2 for scripts ( x86 / x64 )

Perl 5.20.0 for scripts ( x86 / x64 )

Development builds

Latest development versions can be found at: dl.hexchat.net/hexchat/testing


Nearly all distributions have official packages for HexChat. On those which don’t, you may use contributed, unofficial packages:


You can find builds from third party distributors such as Homebrew in the homebrew-gui repository.