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2.16.0 released and help wanted

Posted - 01 Oct 2021

There is a new major release out with some new features: Thanks to @SadieCat there has been a number of new IRCv3 features and also strikethrough formatting support. Thanks to @BakasuraRCE the flishlim plugin got a lot of love and now supports CBC mode. And fans of Python scripts should be happy with a drastic reduction in memory usage with multiple scripts.

This release also comes with some bad news; The HexChat project has been undermaintained for quite a while now. I’ve been involved with this project since I was a high school student but that is long past and I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it any longer. The Windows builds in particular are very draining and in a poor state which has kept smaller releases from happening more frequently. If anybody out there doesn’t mind building things on Windows or wants to help with maintainance contact @TingPing on Libera.Chat.

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