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#hexchat is now on Libera.Chat

Posted - 26 May 2021

For those not in the know freenode has had new ownership forcefuly take over which lead to many of the staff making a new network, Libera.Chat.

Soon after the split #hexchat was registered there with no immediate plans of closing #hexchat on freenode, rather I hoped to set up a relay bot eventually. It actually wasn’t reasonable for us to close it because its the default recommended network on existing HexChat installations. However I did set the topic to say the channel is on Libera.Chat.

Today freenode decided to mass take ownership of every channel with Libera.Chat in their topic and clear all set modes and flags removing all moderators entirely. This move shows how little respect they have for projects and that the network is no longer a safe home for any FOSS project.

The only action that can possibly be taken is to move to a different network. You can find #hexchat here: ircs://irc.libera.chat/hexchat.

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