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2.9.5 released

Posted - 01 Apr 2013

After 5 months of work, we are happy to announce that our latest and greatest version, HexChat 2.9.5 has been released.

This version brings a very important change: due to the significant modifications made to our build environment we no longer support Windows XP. This means that the 2.9.5 installers will refuse to install on anything older than Windows Vista, so XP users are advised to stick with 2.9.4 until they can upgrade to a more up-to-date OS. It is also a good idea to disable the Update Checker plugin by running the 2.9.4 installer again and unselecting it in the component list.

Thanks to the fundamental changes under the hood you also have to make sure to upgrade the spelling dictionaries to r2 and Perl to our own build - all can be found on our Downloads page under the 2.9.5 section.

Another important thing to note is that GitHub has withdrawn its Downloads service, where our binaries were hosted. That means the Update Checker plugin will point you to a dead link, so please get the download directly from our site this time.

Other notable changes are:

But there’s even more. For a more detailed list, please refer to the ChangeLog and for the complete list check out the commit log.


The HexChat Team

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