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2.9.6 released

Posted - 11 Sep 2013

After a bit of delay 2.9.6 is finally released.

A lot of work has gone into supporting nearly all of ircv3 What does that mean to the user? Well some of it you won’t notice just know its working more efficiently behind the scenes but a few features of it are notable:

The server list has been redesigned to show all of our new authentication methods such as QuakeNet’s more secure ChallangeAuth and now you can specify multiple commands to be ran on connect easily. With this change you will also lose your old favorites though.

We have also done some work on the plugin api like adding more information to the various lists, and the aforementioned server-time is accessable to all plugins and Python scripts. As well as that we have fixed many bugs, and introduced some new ones, to the Python interface including finally Python 3 support! If Python isn’t your thing somebody also wrote a nifty JavaScript Interface.

Many other bugs and minor feature additions have been made but to see them all please read our ChangeLog and for the complete list check out the commit log.

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